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Outbound Call Center Services

Our call center agents can make telephonic calls to your likely customers and pitch them regarding your products and services. Our contact center agents are extensively trained to develop marketing qualities and good communication skills in them.


Telemarketing Services

We make the telephonic calls to your potential customers from the database that is given by you, and explain the potential customers of the products and services that you extend. Outsourcing outbound telemarketing call center services to Bluechip Call Center can amply your sales volume and generate better business opportunities for you.


Promotional Selling- Up Selling/Cross Selling

All the types of promotional selling, whether it is upselling or cross selling, deliver the best results only when they are combined with back end support from call center service providers. They are the experts and have the necessary resources, infrastructure and skills required for achieving desired results from promotional selling campaigns. Outsource promotional selling outbound call center services to Bluechip Call Center and get your sales increased in no time.


Leads Generation

Businesses cannot function properly without good business leads that can generate desired revenue for the company. Further, these leads should be generated on a regular basis to keep the profits coming in continuously. We can generate qualified business leads for you through our Quality based Services where our contact center agents would call the potential customers and provide you a filtered data that would contain only the most genuine leads.


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